Inclusive Growth Program (IGP)

igp_graphicIGP initiative aims to help companies enhance business productivity by redesigning workflows and intensifying the use of automation or mechanisation. IGP can also help equip your workers with the skills by incentivising company-specific training programmes for employees. It’s a win-win for your business (more productivity) and your employees (who share in the financial success of your business).

Up to $500,000 per year (or $150,000 per project) can be given to co-fund your business expenses in order to raise the value of “low-wage employees” who earn less than $1,700 per month.

The fundable components include:

  • Automation & equipment cost
  • Process re-engineering & job redesign
  • Training for local workers

Eligibility checklist:

All businesses/societies/associations registered in Singapore and carrying out businesses/activities in Singapore may apply for IGP support.

What projects are eligible for IGP?

All productivity improvement projects that will share gains with local low-wage workers may apply for IGP funding support. Fundable projects include: Automation & equipment costs, process re-engineering and training costs directly associated with the productivity improvement projects.

You must demonstrate that the project(s) you want co-funding for will improve the efficiency of your operations, make your business more adaptable to changing market conditions and result in better products and/or services. You must share your productivity gains with your low-wage staff in the form of bonuses, salary increases, etc.