Age Management Grant

Employers are encouraged to raise awareness of good age management practices, build an age-friendly workplace and assimilate their older workers within their organisations. This grant enables companies to acquire the necessary competencies to implement age management practices, raise awareness of age management practices and support companies in the implementation of these practices.

This grant is a one-off grant that offers up to $20,000 for companies to adopt progressive age management practices.

The Age Management Grant has two tranches: Tranche 1 is worth $5,000 and Tranche 2 is worth $15,000.


  • Companies must have at least 5 mature workers (50 years old and above)
  • Companies submit a pre-application report using the template provided on the age management practices they plan to adopt at the point of application to be eligible for the grant.

1. Tranche 1

Employers must complete the following 5 requirements within 6 months:

  1. Show (i) details of a policy of continuing to employ employees who are turning 62 years old on the same employment contract (i.e. sail through) and/or a policy offering eligible employees re-employment in line with the Tripartite Guidelines, and (ii) proof that the policy has been communicated to all employees.
  2. Send a supervisory employee to attend a 1-day job redesign and process improvement course conducted by SNEF.
  3. Send 1 employee to attend a 1-day age management course.
  4. Send 1 employee to attend a 2-day Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Facilitator course.
  5. Sign the TAFEP fair employment practices pledge if the company has yet to do so.

2. Tranche 2

After completing the requirements in tranche 1, employers must complete the following 4 requirements to claim tranche 2. Employers have 12 months to complete both tranches.

  1. Adopt any 2 types of age management practices from different categories.
  2. Organise a standardised Health and Wellness Programme which includes the following:
    1. Knowledge of Personal Health – At least 50% of the total number of mature workers (SCs/SPRs) in the company (with a minimum of five) to undergo the Health Practices Survey to be administered by the appointed health provider and returned to the provider for further analysis.
    2. Behavioral Change for Healthy Living – Send at least 20% of the total number of mature workers (SCs/SPRs), subject to a minimum of 5 to attend at least 1 Holistic Health and Wellness Workshop and at least 1 Topical Health and Wellness Workshop. Mature workers who attend the workshops must have already completed and returned the Health Practices Survey to the provider.
  3. Submit a post-application report on the age management practices implemented to benefit mature workers using the template provided.
  4. Submit a name list of all employees aged 50 and above at the end of tranche 2.

Work Life Grant’s Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs)

The grant rewards up to $20,000 for FWAs and Selected Employee Support Schemes implemented. A $10,000 Development Grant would be given to companies that pilot at least 2 new FWAs or substantially enhance 2 existing FWAs.

Companies must complete step-by- step process in implementing new FWA pilots:

  1. Conduct needs analysis to identify suitable FWAs that meet both the company’s and employees’ needs;
  2. Develop a FWA implementation plan which includes a communication plan to engage employees;
  3. Train on implementation and management of employees on FWAs;
  4. Pilot at least 2 new FWAs/substantially enhanced existing FWAs with at least 10% of total workforce, or minimum of 5 employees trying out the FWAs(whichever is higher) for at least 3 months;
  5. Consult relevant stakeholders on the FWA trial
  6. Monitor the FWAs to see if they work and make suitable refinements.

Another $10,000 would be given to companies that formalise the FWAs that were piloted into policy.

Keen on implementing the Work-Life Grant?

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