Staff Monitoring Software for Work Life

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a software that helps organizations streamline their human resources, which then increases productivity and minimises costs. Put your employee records in one place, gain easy access to the information you need to enforce corporate policies, reduce errors and scale your business. Obtain a fully customisable HRMS that is equipped with a pack of powerful features that help your business control costs, reduce grievances and litigation, as well as bring automation to talent management.

The result of this is that you increase employee productivity, rule-out service delivery delays caused by employee dropout and reduce audit risks.

Some features:

Payroll processing: All employee data is maintained and safely kept in our software. With these information, monthly payroll will report can be generated with just a click.

Leave application: Allow your staff can now apply their leave through the web based portal without sending out a single email. Now, you can significantly streamline all your leave application procedures, eliminate paperwork and reduce scheduling hassles with this module.

CPF reporting: Zencloud CPF Reporting incorporates the computation of CPF, payment of CPF contribution and reporting.

Obtain a system that is fully customisable to meet your needs. Contact us to find out more how HRMS can streamline and make your process faster.