Human Resource Courses

1. WSQ Advance Certificate in Service Excellence

The Service Excellence Competency Framework (SV CF) provides a whole-of-company capability development roadmap for organisations, so companies can create and define their desired service experience.

The WSQ Advanced Certificate in Service Excellence aims to groom service coaches with the skills and competencies to nurture and supervise staff for service excellence. The competencies at this level are aimed at grooming service coaches to be role models to new entrants. Competencies include coaching skills, as well as relationship management skills to build their ability to establish customer relationships. Individuals will also be introduced to skills in managing service operations and service performance.


WSQ Modules under the Level 3 – WSQ Advanced Certificate in Service Excellence:

Core Units (12 Credit Values) Elective Units (3 Credit Values)
  • Role Model the Service Vision
  • Manage Operations for Service Excellence
  • Coach for Service Performance
  • Manage a Diverse Service Environment
  • Establish Relationships for Customer Confidence
  • Manage Service Performance

Acquire Industry Knowledge

Individuals can also take electives from Level 1 or Level 4 modules of the Service Excellence Competency Framework or electives from other WSQ frameworks.

Total Training Hours: 150 hours (15 Credit Values)

2. WSQ Certificate in Business Management

The Business Management Workforce Skills Qualifications (BM WSQ) framework aims to cultivate versatile ‘T-shaped Professionals’ who possess deep skills in a specific domain area as well as general knowledge in areas related to business management or operations.

The BM WSQ’s comprehensive approach ensures that professionals, managers, and executives (PMEs) seeking to develop their careers further will be equipped with valuable skills to make them an asset in any workplace. Empowered with T-shaped competencies, working professionals can remain competitive globally and operate successfully in different business environments.

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